Lion Air Group Flight Exemption

Lion Air Group (Batik Air / Lion Air / Wings Air) get special flight licenses (exemption flight) from the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia to serve business people / businesses that are not in the context of "going home" and other operational objectives refer to PM 25 of 2020 concerning Transportation Control During the Eid Air Transport Period of 1441 Hijri Period In Order to Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19).

The operational plan will serve domestic flight routes including cities or destinations with the status of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) and areas with local transmission or affected areas (Red Zones) that are required to meet the Covid-19 handling protocol for:

  1. Cargo transportation operations
  2. Traveling for the leaders of the Republic of Indonesia's high state institutions or state guests;
  3. Embassy operations; consulate general; foreign consulate; representatives of international organizations that have positions in Indonesia;
  4. Operational law enforcement, order and emergency services
    • Accelerated handling of Covid-19 services
    • Defense, security and public order services
    • Basic and emergency health services
    • Travel services for people whose core family members are seriously ill or dead
  5. Special flight services (repatriation) for the repatriation of Indonesian Citizens (WNI) or Foreign Citizens (foreigners) and student of school / university
  6. Other transportation with the permission of the Director General of Civil Aviation.
  7. Travels of people who work in government or private institutions/company that organize:
    • Service basic needs
    • Support services for basic services
    • Service important economic functions
  8. Travel for people who work on non-company businesses / institutions, both government and private who travel for work and or business that are not in the context of “going home” or returning home, in accordance with the understanding of business persons conveyed through the Ministry of Transportation Spokesperson's Press Release on April 27, 2020.

Users of flight services for special / exemption flights must meet the following requirements:

  1. Fill out the statement letter as a statement that the trip is not a homecoming trip / Returning to the village. Declaration letter can be downloaded here and must be filled in before reporting his departure.
  2. Attach original letter and submit a copy of Travel Certificate from Company / Agency and Travel Plan (schedule of departure, schedule at the time of assignment, and time schedule for return) as assignment of work / service and is not a homecoming trip / Returning to the Village signed by Directors / Heads of Offices / Echelon 2 Officials for ASN, TNI and Polri at the time of reporting their departure.
  3. Attach an original letter and submit a copy of COVID-19 free health certificate from the local hospital through the Rapid Test / PCR / Swab Test method with negative results for a maximum period of 7 days after the results of the test come out.
  4. Attach an original letter and submit a copy of the Statement signed on a stamp and known by the local Head of Village for prospective passengers who do not represent government or private institutions.
  5. Attach and submit a copy of the Reference Letter from the Hospital for patients who will be taking treatment elsewhere.
  6. Attach and submit a copy of the Death Certificate from the place of mourning for the purpose of visiting the family of the deceased.
  7. Attach and submit a copy of the Certificate from the Protection Board for Immigrant Workers or Indonesian Representatives abroad (for passengers from abroad) for repatriation trips.
  8. Attach and submit Certificate from school or university (for students and repatriation students) from Overseas.
  9. Fill out the Health Alert Card or the Health Alert Card (HAC) form both offline and online by downloading the e-HAC application via playstore for Android-based devices or through the website for IOSbased devices.
  10. Users of flight services must report their departure directly (not be represented) no later than 90 minutes before the time of departure to undergo health protocols and document checks.
  11. Especially for Business Persons / Logistics Businesses and workers who do not have an agency / company must have a return reservation or ticket before May 24, 2020