BSP Agents ADM Policy

IATA Resolution 850m / Agency Debit Memos

Batik Air wishes to draw your attention to the above stated resolution concerning the issue and processing of Agency Debit Memos (ADM).

It is recommended that agents observe the reservations and ticketing rules carefully as well as make them known to passengers. Kindly ensure to use only system quoted fares and do not make any amendment for ticketing. A 100% system quoted fare will prevent you from making unnecessary errors which will result in receiving an ADM from the airline.


In the event that an ADM is raised for a wrongly issued ticket, please note that the ticketed fare will be raised to the applicable highest published market fare of the sector(s) shown on the ticket.

The ADMs can be processed up to 9 months of the final travel date, or if an ADM is for ticket refund, it can be processed up to 9 months after such a refund is made by the agent.

Agents have 30 days upon the receipt (issuance) of ADM to examine and dispute the ADM. When logging a dispute, please provide the reason for dispute and your contact details (email address and/or phone numbers) for any clarification or supporting information needed to Failure to provide any appropriate reason for dispute will lead to the rejection of the dispute. Also in regard to essential instructions for our BSP ticket policy applicable to the IATA published tariffs (excluding all negotiated or net tariffs) such as commission, credit card acceptance, refund administration fee, refund procedure, reissuing and reservations change, please refer to fare rules/ instruction in GDS and BSP Link.

Pertaining to the refund policy, all refund can be processed as per fare rule shown in BSPlink and GDS. Nonetheless, in the event to the subsequent use of flight coupon is to be refunded when fare rule does not exhibit, AUTO refund through GDS will not be allowed so as to avoid any wrong refund calculation. So as to appropriately process, it is advised to make the refund through BSPlink.  All refund application will be manually reviewed.

Any AUTO refund with miscalculation will be subject to ADM issuance – the correct charge of refund and / or actual remaining ticket value PLUS additional administration fee of 50% of ADM issued.

ADM Fee Batik Air will apply an ADM fee of USD 10/ADM. This fee will be incorporated in the same ADM document. The ADM fee for other countries are same USD 10 and Batik Air local office will convert into local currency

ACM Fee Batik Air will apply an ACM fee of USD 10/ACM for request of ACM due to ticketing or refund error made by Travel Agents. ACM administrative fee is also applicable for ACM issued due to waiver given by Batik Air on the valid ADMs. The ACM fee for other countries are same USD 10 and Batik Air local office will convert into local currency.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our offices and General Sales Agent.