Offering The Best Air Travel Connectivity Batik Air Will Fly to MANADO from MAKASSAR

MAKASSAR – November 17, 2020. Batik Air (ID flight code) member of Lion Air Group will launch a new domestic flight route connecting Makassar through Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport in Maros, South Sulawesi (UPG) to Sam Ratulangi International Airport, Manado, North Sulawesi (MDC).

Batik Air said that the initial flight plan from November 20, 2020, is serviced by round trip (PP). The flight service has scheduled once every day. Batik Air numbered ID- ID-6266 from Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport at 13:00 WITA (Central Indonesia Time, GMT+ 08) and has expected to land at Sam Ratulangi International Airport at 14:40 WITA.

For flight service from Manado still on the same day, Batik Air provides departure time numbered flight ID-6265 departing at 15.40 WITA and scheduled to arrive at 17.20 WITA.

Batik Air would like to thank you for the support from regulators, airport managers, air traffic controllers, all employees, and related partners so that the upcoming inaugural flight can run smoothly.

The new route will be the strengthening of Batik Air services in Makassar and Manado as a premium service airline, from the Routes that have been running. The whole operation of Batik Air still gives priority to safety, security, comfort, and health protocols enforced guidelines.

The opening of this new route will further provide air travel options for Batik Air guests, especially intra-Sulawesi, and interconnected in line with the accommodate market demand in both cities and answer the trend and interest that flying is safe.

Besides, new routes are part of batik air business development in the domestic aviation market and efforts to support government programs in accelerating economic recovery, one of which is in the tourism sector.

In northern Indonesia, North Sulawesi (Sulut) is on a strategic path that has a variety of tourist attractions to consider. The destination of Tanah Minahasa has attracted many tourists and business people because it caught the eye, famous for the beauty of the sea, the expanse of mountains and hills, the variety of cultures, religious nuances, and very worldwide about local hospitality.

Makassar to Manado air travel ranges from 1 hour to 40 minutes. Because of that, Batik Air provides the best experience for every guest to make a memorable flight. Batik Air will operate one of the newest Airbus 320-200 fleets. This aircraft offers a capacity of 12 business class seats and 144 economy class seats equipped with inflight entertainment (audio-video on-demand) on every seating, spacious seat distances, and inflight meals.

Batik Air recorded an average OTP of 92.63% with operating fleet power consisting of 44 Airbus 320-200CEO (12 business class and 144 economy class), six Boeing 737-900ER (1 2 business class and 168 economy class), 25 Boeing 737-800NG (12 business class and 150 economy class) as well as one Airbus 320-200NEO (12 business class and 144 economy class).

The entire Batik Air fleet Equipped with HEPA filter,
"Cabin Cleanliness and Air Circulation Are Maintained"

The technology that has been install and various preventive actions from Batik Air will give optimism that air travel slowly starts again. With the expectation, the passenger can restart to travel with confidence or without hesitation (resume their journeys with confidence).

The improvement of the aircraft cleaning activities of Batik Air periodically with the Aircraft Exterior and Interior Cleaning (AEIC) method is run at the maintenance center of Batam Aero Technic (BAT) and in various base stations where the Lion Air aircraft has located.

The execution of structured hygiene including the flight deck; galley; lavatories, including doors, door handles, washbasins, and trash cans; mats and handles; Entertainment facilities (in-flight entertainment) including remote control; Cabin Luggage rack Opening handle; Overhead lighting, air vents, and call buttons; Seat backup; Seat covers; Seat belts; Seat headrests; Carpet floor; windows and window coverings; Other passenger facilities; Cargo room (cargo compartment) and other.

Batik Air conveys that Airbus and Boeing jet aircraft operated categorized as the modern generation that has a cabin air filtration system and strong particle, which equipped with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.

Good incoming and outgoing air circulation will result in a more efficient spread of cabin air. The HEPA filter is a system that helps to maintain the level of air hygiene in the cabin.

The device is plugged in and works using some filtration methods that filter more than 99.9% of the particle type in different sizes, including viruses, germs, and bacteria.

To keep the air on the cabin still clean and fresh, the air will be updated every 2-3 minutes. HEPA filter restricts the mixing of air in the cab through airflow from top to bottom which can reduce the spread of viruses/bacteria. For air from the toilet and the kitchen is directly streamed out of the plane.