Flight Information: Passengers Who Have Been Eligible to Fly on Lion Air Group

J A K A R T A – 10 July 2020. Lion Air (JT Flight Code), Wings Air (IW Flight Code), Batik Air (ID Flight Code) member of Lion Air Group conveys that in the operation of the flight as a carrier (fly) the passengers

On every operation that has been running before and at a time of caution pandemic Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19), that each passenger is deemed worthy of flying and Can enter the aircraft cabin for air travel (safe to fly) has been through a set of documents (verification), luggage and other at departure airport, include:

  1. Requirements document for health test results Covid-19 by Port Health Office (KKP),
  2. The first security check Point (1) by airport security aviation officer,
  3. Security Check point 2 by airport security aviation officer.

Therefore, the institution has checked all the requirements, including documents needed to travel by plane. The flight Operator or airline is responsible for transporting passengers who have fulfilled the provisions of the destination

If there are any affected passengers or that violates and does not meet the provisions,then it is not the fault or intent of the airline

Lion Air Group emphasizes every passenger that based on flight service procedures, to always provide information in detail/clearly/according to the actual circumstances to the ground service officers if it is pregnant, severe infectious or un-contagious illness or have special conditions that can harm oneself and interfere with the comfort of other passengers while traveling by air

Certain circumstances require that each passenger has a medical clearance prior to the flight by showing and attaching a certificate of flying (fitness for air travel/ medical information) from the Port Health office and sign a statement letter. It is in accordance with the conditions of carriage of passengers in sick category

Lion Air Group requires passengers to comply with Lion Air Group's terms of flight, as a health protocol during the cautious time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lion Air strives and commits to provide the best service by always prioritizing safety aspects, Flight safety and comfort (safety first). Lion Air declares, complies with and conducts the regulatory policies and standards of the company's operating procedures and international provisions.