Incident in Manila is not related to Indonesia’s Lion Air Group

JAKARTA, 30 March 2020 . Lion Air Group would like to clarify that an unfortunate accident involving an air ambulance used by the Philippine health department that occurred in Manila, the Philippines on Sunday (29/03) is not related to the Group.

The air charter service involved in this tragic incident belongs to Lionair, a Philippines-based firm that is unrelated to and has no connection with Lion Group.

Lion Air Group wishes to clarify that:
1. Lion Air Group has not been operating either scheduled or charter flights in the Philippines.
2. Lion Air Group does not own an aviation company in the Philippines.

Lion Air Group operates the following airlines for scheduled passenger services:
1. Lion Air (JT flight code) based in Indonesia
2. Wings Air (IW flight code) based in Indonesia
3. Batik Air (ID flight code) based in Indonesia
4. Malindo Air (OD flight code) based in Malaysia
5. Thai Lion Air (SL flight code) based in Thailand

Lion Air Group complies with all international aviation rules and regulations. Lion Air Group operations are in accordance with standard operating procedures that meet the requirements for safety, security and comfort aspects of aviation.