Latest Information about Lion Air Group Passenger Data Progress

JAKARTA – 19 September 2019. Lion Air Group about information of news about passenger data progress, that until now it was still coordinating and cooperating with the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia and various related parties in the framework of the investigation process.

Lion Air Group coordinates with the vendor as a cooperation partner according to the agreement, and the passenger data is declared safe.

Related with passenger data in Indonesia until now it is safe. If there is evidence of data leakage, steps will be taken immediately according to the provisions.

The Lion Air Group company has reported the incident referred to the authorities according to each country, namely Lion Air (JT flight code), Batik Air (flight ID code) and Wings Air (IW flight code) in Indonesia; Malindo Air (OD flight code) in Malaysia and Thai Lion Air (SL flight code) in Thailand.

Lion Air Group operators in Indonesia have taken the right and quick action according to Regulation No. 20 of 2016 concerning Protection of Personal Data in Electronic Systems (Data Protection Regulations), in order to ensure that guests' data is not interrupted.

Lion Air Group informs us that it does not save details about payments from guests or passengers to the server. Lion Group does not have any data related to passenger payments. Data that is spread is not payment data (financial) from passengers and Lion Air Group continues to study data related matters.

Lion Air Group urges, in an early prevention effort (preventive measures) to better guarantee the level of security, for all guests or passengers who have a miles account to immediately change their password (password to change their passwords) if the password is used the same as other services online.

Lion Air Group will provide information according to the latest updates.