Batik Air OTP is the Highest during the period of Lebaran 2018


During the period of Lebaran 2018, all airlines showed good performance in serving the community. Directorate General of Air Transportation Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) claims, from H-7 to H + 4 the average airline passenger rate of more than 90 percent.

Even the level of flight timing that is represented in On-Time Performance(OTP), Batik Air airline shows the highest achievement with an average of more than 91 percent. Followed by Garuda Indonesia, Citilink, Indonesia AirAsia, and NAM Air.

Director General of Air Transportation Kemenhub Agus Santoso said, from the OTP sequence in Lebaran 2018 was observed several private airlines Indonesia began to show improved performance. This is a positive signal from private professionals and hope the revival of national private airlines can continue. "We will promote Indonesian airline stakeholders harmoniously," he said in Jakarta, Sunday (24/6).

During Lebaran transportation period this year, there are additional flights ( extra flight ) that has been done by airlines about 1,000 flights. All of them are well served and smooth.

Corporate Communication Lion Air Group Danang Mandala said OTP Batik Air with an average of more than 91 percent thanks to the hard work of all employees and management. Although Batik Air provides 35 additional flights with a capacity of 6,020 seats, the security and safety of the flight is well maintained. "OTP Batik Air is a good achievement," he said.

Overall, Lion Air Group provided 20,330 additional seats, comprising Lion Air 62 flights (11,718 seats), Batik Air 35 flights (6,020 seats), and Wings Air 36 flights (2,592 seats).

Total passengers transported during Lebaran Batik Air reached 34,289 people from 7 to 24 June 2018. Lion Air transported 1,673,496 passengers during 7-21 June and Wings Air 271,150 passengers. "There are no significant obstacles during Lebaran and zero accident," he said.

Lion Air Group said the peak flow of homecoming during the Lebaran transportation period with the highest number of passengers on 9-10 June. The peak of the reverse flow on June 20, 2018.

Lion Air operates Boeing 747-400 (12 business class seats and 492 economy class), Airbus A330-300 (440 economy class seats), Boeing 737-900ER (215 economy class seats), Boeing 737-800NG (189 economy class seats ), and the Boeing 737 MAX 8 (189 economy class seats).

Air Batik Aircraft uses Boeing 737-900ER (12 business class seats and 168 economy class), Boeing 737-800NG (12 business class and 150 economy class) and Airbus A320-200CEO (12 economy class and 144 business class).

Wings Air relies on service with a strengthened ATR72-600 / 500 fleet capable of accommodating 72 passengers in economy class seats.

Reportase: Dian Riski Rosmayanti

Editor: Didik Purwanto