JAKARTA (HN) - Batik Air support National Week Farmers and Fishermen XV held in Banda Aceh on May 6-11, 2017. The support was in the form of the opening of the new flight route from Jakarta to Banda Aceh through Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Batik Air will open flights started 13 April 2017. The first flight was conducted at 07.45 pm with the flight number ID 6896 to the Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport. It will arrive in Banda Aceh 10:35 pm. The second flight with the ID number 6898 departing Jakarta at 14:50 pm, arriving in Banda Aceh at 17:40 pm.

Flights otherwise using aircraft with ID number 6897 of Banda Aceh at 11:15 pm, arriving in Jakarta at 14:05 pm. Flights ID 6899 departing from Banda Aceh at 18:20 pm, arriving in Jakarta at 21:10 pm.

President Director of Lion Air Group Edward Sirait, this full-service airline will fly twice a day. He hopes to support the success of airlines National Week Farmers and Fishermen XV.

"It's a direct flight without stopping. Passengers will be more convenient and faster to the goal," he said in Jakarta, Sunday (9/4).

Edward said, this is also a flight Batik Air business expansion to a number of destinations in Indonesia. Prospective passengers can adjust flight hours provided the airline so that it can accommodate the needs of the community.

"We look forward to support the mobility of people in Jakarta and Banda Aceh and surrounding areas to travel by air," he said.

Batik Air Indonesia's largest private airline with full service facilities owned Lion Air Group. Airlines with the distinctive logo of Indonesian culture is already serving flights to more than 25 domestic destinations in Indonesia. In addition, international flights to Singapore.

Passengers will feel like flying because it is equipped with facilities Batik Air in-flight entertainment at every seat passenger. In it is a variety of traditional games also digitized films the best choice.

Until now Batik Air already operates 46 aircraft with a total frequency of 180 flights per day. Batik Air always reach level flight punctuality ( On Time Performance / OTP) best from other airlines in Indonesia. Even in 2016, OTP Batik Air reached 91.20 percent.

Batik Air prioritizing safety for all flights has been equipped with world safety standards procedures of the International Air Transport Association (International Air Transport Association / IATA). In addition Batik Air is listed in the IATA Standard Safety Assessment (ISSA) and receive the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) in November 2016.

Reportage: Dian Riski Rosmayanti
Editor: Admin