TIMIKA (HN) -The government of Mimika District, Papua Province responded positively to the plan carrier Batik Air opened the route for flights to Mozes Kilangin.

Head of the Department of Transportation, Communication, and Information Mimika John Rettob in Timika, Sunday (2/4) says, Wings Air who also joined the Lion Air Group plans to enter Timika.

"Wings Air has long been planning to open a route from Wamena to Timika, Nabire-Timika, Tual-Kaimana-Timika. Batik Air planned to open a Jakarta-Makassar-Timika-Jayapura and conversely as well as direct flights from Jakarta to Timika," John said.

John said, Mimika regency would welcome if the airline can actually realize the plan of flying the route Timika. Timika flight service users have a lot of choice in traveling to other areas.

In addition, he said, with a growing number of airlines that operate the aircraft to service automatically ticket Timika flights to and from Timika will cheaper.

John asked for a number of airlines in order to understand the conditions in Timika airport that still requires a lot of improvement, especially in terms of facilities.

"For the time slots I think there are enough, just set the clock that is not too crowded. The waiting room terminal, both on the north and south of Timika airport is still available. The matter of other facilities such as a counter to the reservation of passengers is still limited," he said ,

Mimika regency through Dishubkominfo has been renovating the VIP terminal at the south side of Mozes Kilangin so can be used to accommodate passengers for a while before the general passenger terminal was completed built.

"If this remodeling process can be completed, we expect the VIP terminal can accommodate 500 passengers on two floors and 100 passengers on the first floor," he said.

Reportage: Antara
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